Meet the ARTIST's 

Quality, Integrity, and Imagination!

Laughing Star Productions is a multi media company that specializes in all your artistic needs.

We have artists on call to create everything you need to make your social media sizzle with style! 

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Alissa is an artist with an open mind, and a heart to match.

No judgement, just being with whatever the moment has to offer.


Art just happens when you are connected. Let go, and dream, and so it to shall be.


Alissa's art media arsenal includes, but is not limited to; 

Acrylic, gouache, ink, pencil, chalk, photography, photoshop, illustrator, and other graphic programs.


Basically, if YOU have an IDEA... 

Alissa will figure out a way to make it happen...point blank.









Darien’s passion is landscape photography and action video.  His considerable skill in 35mm and digitaL photography has enabled him to document his environment and form his artistic perspectives. 


With proven inner strength and direction, Darien prides himself on his fortitude and ability to take risks.  He is a deep thinker and self-taught philoSopher.  His artistic sense combined with his strength of character drives Darien to succeed at his most noteworthy talent, cinematography.