Elephant Dream Book 

Author   John MacEnulty

Artist     Alissa M Shoults 

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Welcome ALL! You have arrived!

Join us in a celebration of life!

Join us in a celebration of being!!!

Need a book to read your children? Elephant Dream!

Need a book to give your bestest friend ? Elephant Dream!!

Need a book that you can buy and have several copies just for paying it forward? Elephant Dream! 

Need a book to remind YOU , that YOU are right where you need to be? Elephant Dream!!! 

This is an invitation to pre order this MAGICAL book of intense 

love and light connection .

We are having it printed a few different ways and by preordering YOU will allow us to bring the full on experiance to everyone that wishes to connect. Thank you in advance and get ready to be transported in to a book that will be more then just a moment  it will be a life time memory to cherrish forever :) 


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