Art -its subjective

By A liss A (Queenoftherunonsentencenopunctuationgetoveritiwasanartmajoralready)

To draw a tree:

|Ask an 1 year old to draw you a tree - you will get a multi platformed(on the table chairs possibly walls if unsupervised) circles, dots, dashes, diagonal zig zag, mind blowing, could be a whole forest- if you squint your eyes, smile- and look at it sideways, -MASTERPIECE.

|Ask a three year old to draw you a tree - and they will bring forth the most amazing multi- colored, scribble scrabble, of electrical current -that may or may not resemble a tree if someone like Bansky sold it - PRICELESS -or trash if your not, a family member or friend.

|Ask a ten year old- ooooooh boy- get ready for the most determined, forced, realistic, but strangely odd branches, that try to hard, but want to be real, but don't know how to traverse paper canvases- followed by either a ton of crumpled attempts, or rubbed paper scars where things didn't go as well as planned. To end with a very accurate yet, not 3d realistic tree. Depending on the colors- we will go with- perfect on the fridge for that month. Value high to priceless for the involved and doting parent, grandparent. to everyone else minimal value.

|Ask an 18 year old and you will most likely get a stare -then that look of uncertainty where they have to decide whether or not they are willing to let freedom spew forth from the tip of the appropriate colored magic marker -most probably get a cartoon version that will most certainly be looking tree like. Value intermediate due to the fact you aren't getting to many hand drawn creations by them if they aren't an artist.

|Now lastly- ask a 30 -50 year old to open the ink ways ... my bet is you will find your self facing questions, followed by argument about the kind of tree you want!?! to the excuse that, they wont be able to draw the tree anyway -and how you can't mock them- if they do finally get to drawing the tree ... because its going to be so bad they will be embarrassed and why are you doing this to them in the first place why do you need this tree dang it!>???!?

it takes a magic- a silence of sorts, and a moment of connection

to bring forth certain creations ...

it never ceases to amaze me the focus and intent mixed with perfect timing when something

mystical is born...

the trick, is in the not trying...

the joy that comes forth is when an artist will let the connection connect

we have a lot of art these daze that i m not sure I d call art Im by no means judging the people trying ...but only saying why are you trying so hard to recreate something soely based on what the outcome is going to be, or how much money it will make ...

what happened to the JOY?

yeah that .....


be that three year old again ...

"because, mama! THATS WHERE THE FUNNNNNNN IS!!!!!!"



#artmindfulness #creativeconnection

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